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We transport foreign clinic clients

Part of our transportation services is also cooperation with agencies that bring clients from abroad for various medical facilities, especially for aesthetic and surgical procedures. The quality of Czech health care is world famous, as is, for example, the success of local reproductive medicine. This is also why people interested in various medical procedures come to the Czech Republic from all corners of Europe, but also from Saudi Arabia, Russia or even Turkey. 


This is a VIP clientele that needs to arrange transportation from the airport to the hotel, and then to the selected medical facility. Often the client is delayed due to rehabilitation and even in that case he needs transport services. "The demands of these clients tend to be high. They are looking for a luxurious, fully equipped, but at the same time unobtrusive car with a driver who will take them to their destination on time and discreetly and pick them up again after the procedure and take them back to the hotel. If necessary, it is available to them for various trips around the city, inspections, rehabilitation, but also visits to restaurants and department stores. After the end of the stay, the client wants a comfortable and safe transfer to one of the international airports," described the owner of the Transportservis Brno agency Ivo Rosol.

And Transportservis Brno can meet just such requirements. Part of the service offer is VIP transportation and transfer of people in fully equipped, high-quality cars with professional drivers who are available to clients at any time of the day or night and any day of the week. The drivers speak fluent English, are discreet, reliable, punctual and always ready to help clients. The comfortable cars offer enough space and privacy for relaxation and rest, they have WiFi connection, refreshments and a number of other additional services.

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